Looping through a dynamic web table

Hi all,

I’m a little stuck and could use a few pointers

I’m have a dynamic web table with a ticket type and a plus button next to it

What I want to do is loop through the table, find a specific ticket type and then click the button to the right of it ‘x’ number of times

But the button has no identifier that I can correlate to the ticket type (that I can find)

An example - will take a little clicking to get to where I am, sorry! (there are not static pages so I can’t directly link)

Go to: https://www.odeon.co.uk/cinemas/manchester-great-northern/

Scroll down a little and click a time next to a film

Click a seat and continue

Click Checkout as Guest

You should see something like this:

So I want to be able to search (e.g.) for ‘Child’ then click the Plus button to add it to the basket

I can scrape the ticket types but have had no success in then linking that up to the button to press

maybe the dynamized and integrated anchor approach can solve:


  1. Use Anchor Base selector or normal selector with indicated anchor
  2. Try find children and then loop through collection - check each collection attributes and if certain attribute is valid - then uielement