Looping though Several buttons on a webpage

img 1

Here i got all the “Extract Data” Buttons (img 1) and every row in that table has a different class name (img 2) but nothing that can be iterated through.

And in every tr tag the last td tag is the button of “Extract Data” (img 3), so how do I iterate through all the buttons in my case. I am fairly new to the whole RPA and UiPath concept so please elaborate.
Since i can put only one image in a post the rest of the images are Down in the replies
Thank You

img 2

img 3

@Nischaya_Sharma - whats your requirement for doing a loop?

you have to click on each row extract data image?

if yes - do a data scraping for the page…

do a for each datrow

  • pass the first column as a unique identifier for the image selector
  • click on the image icon ( can you share the selector for first column row and export data?)
  • based on that we can give you a relative selector.
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