Looping problem for nested loop

GS.xaml (29.4 KB)

First loop, is to loop the object in an excel list
Second loop, is to loop the url take scrapped from the first loop

I don’t know where my workflow done wrong as for the second object, the url loop is from the first object.

Can someone help?

Thank you and best regards


Kindly change the loop variable “row” in any one of the loop. That’s the confusion, if you are referring to row(1).Tostring, then the compiler will get confuse to pick the value from the master loop or from the inner loop. Change it and try once

This not works.

Okay, then share what is the exact error you are getting, where it is not behaving as expected.

It is able to run. The problem is when I want to loop the url for second or third person, it always use the url for the first person.

GS.xaml (30.3 KB)

Check this one and let me know if any issues.

same problem exist


Possbile share this workbook with temp data will check that from my end.


I unable to upload the excel file. What I used as object is people name.

@teo_choudu, It is a macro enabled excel file thats why you are not able to upload it, upload a plain excel file.