Looping of list from Excel

I am trying to automate incident reassignment, I have list of tickets which come in Service now which gets assigned to Engineer in a loop.
For example: 1 ticket to 1st Engineer , 2nd to other Engineer and so on… Let’s assume I have 2 Engineer in shift. I was able to make the RPA for the same.

I was not able to use loop the list, hence right now I am using for each Row and my excel look like this


However, all I am want is loop 3rd ticket to get assigned to 1st Engineer again and so on loop to continue. How achive this?


Refer this post

you can group it and assign it to the respective Engineer…


Hi @sharath.f.kumar,

Create maxValue variable integer and assign value =1
Loop through the datatable after completing each row increase the count, once reach the value is 3 change the engineer and reset the maxValue to 1. Do the same .


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