Looping Changing Range

Hi, how can I loop a range that is changing?

My process is as follows:

  1. Read a range in excel
  2. For each row item in the range, add different number of rows according to the data in the row

As the second activity adds rows to the range, the range that the ‘for each’ function is in for the next row item, is not based on the updated range. The data for the lower parts of the range is ‘out of the range’ as the previous row items add in rows to the excel.

@aretotaco question is not so clear, can you please add some more information or piece of code with input that your trying. might help to give try on that.

Hi @aretotaco

It wont…keep a separate counter and initialize with zero or the first row value 2…then. In the loop for each loop add 1 and also when you add say x rows add x to the counter…so that you know currently which row to read or what is the exact current row after adding the row


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