Looping based on an input number (for each, while, array)

Hello -

I have an ID number that I need to create many variations of. I’m having trouble approaching how to append various suffixes to it.

Say I have an ID of “12345”. If I have an input of 5, I want to create 5 variations of the ID. I want to end up with:

  • 12345a

  • 12345b

  • 12345c

  • 12345d

  • 12345e

Also, I may also have to accommodate variations in excess of 26. For example, the 27th would be 12345aa, the 28th 12345ab, and so on.

I planned on using an array with all of the letters to append as suffixes, but I’m having trouble iterating through based on a variable number.

Any help is appreciated!

RandomID.xaml (10.1 KB)