Loop trough word table

Hello, I need to iterate trought a word table to change the values of a specific column. To replace the text of the cell and replace with the text translated. I tried with replace activity but changes all the words in the table. I used insert data table but inserts between the cells. Thank you in advance

Hi @pablo_redondo

Can you specify the sample input & expected output, so that we can analyze your requirements?

Best Regards.

Hi @arjunshenoy I attach the word document. In the second table it’s the Translation column the objective is to change each word for the same word already translated. The translated words are in the excel file. Thank you!

Gamificacióntraducción.docx (95.0 KB)
GamificacióntraducciónFrancésv1 es (2 files merged).xlsx (104.2 KB)

I used replace method, insert data table in document (word activity), Replace Text in document (word activity) but in all this cases inserts the complete table on one position, instead of looping through each cell.

Please, another way to iterate through word datatable??? Thank you!