Loop through invoke workflow activities in flowchart

Hello everyone,
I want to loop through without using flow decision. I want to pass value from excel such as Count=5. So that the sequence that are connected will get looped 5 times. How am I supposed to do? It will be great help if you have sample screen shot

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Not sure whether I understand your question. Are you looking to loop multiple invoke activities?
If that is the case, can you try having these activities inside a while or doWhile loop?

Thankyou for your reply,
I want to loop from cch home to navigate to dashboard. And I want the iterating value from excel

Hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar

Could you elaborate abit. What values you will provide in Excel ie., Count value or users details in row wise. Etc what Excel contains?

Ex: If you are having Excel with user details and you want to enter them. Then first read the file you will get a data table then use loop(for, for each, while etc) with in loop keep your xamls


Is this what you are looking for? -

Having the invoke workflows inside the loop?

Hi @sunilch
So the count that has been provided should be the value which I should be able to iterate the flowchart.
Hope I’m able to answer your question. I don’t want to use true or false flow decision. I just want to loop through those invoked workflow.


Use read cell to read the value of the count into a variable…

Now use a while loop with max iteration value as the value read from the cell…

So the loop would continue for those many times


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Thankyou for your response,
Can you tell me if it will iterate the loop do I have to use it as an argument?
Do you have any example or can you show me with screenshot?
I want to loop those workflow “n” times together.


This is how it looks…condition will be true means it will loop till max iteration value…which you will read from excel using read data

Hope this helps


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So I have add this above those sequence where I’m gonna iterate it.
Am I correct?

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Yes, Thankyou so much

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