Loop through html table and select the particular value

I have exported the table to excel and apply filters and resulted few records. Can somone help me how to iterate the rows based on the resulted records and click the corresponding Invoice button? How can i move to the second page if the record is not matched in the first page


Hi @subramaniancts
Follow the Following Steps.

  • Scrape the data Using Data Scrapping and Store it In datatable Variable dt.
  • Use For Each Row To iterate table row bu row.
  • In for Each Row use Element Exists In the Attach Browser but Make Sure its selectors Must be dynamic.
  • Then Use If Activity and if Element Exist then In the Then Section. Click On The Invoice and save it.
  • If element doesn’t exists then Click on Next button.
    Thanks & Regards

Hello, @jitendra_123

can you please share the process flow of the above.