Loop through Google Drive results

I am trying to use the “Find Files and Folders” activity (UiPath.GSuite.Activities.FindFiles) to loop through files/folders on Google drive that meet a specific name criteria (name = ‘October 2019 Mid Atlantic Newsletter’).

The result (the population of files that meet the above name criteria) is stored in a variable called “gdrive_results”, which has a “File” variable type.

I am then using a “For Each” activity to loop through the “gdrive_results”. I want to access specific metadata about the files that were found such as name, size, last modified by, etc. Please see the attached screenshots for the structure of the “gdrive_results” variable as well as the “item” variable, which is the variable being used to store each iteration of the “For Each” activity.

In other languages I recall doing something like “item.Name” or “item{“Name”}” to get specific metadata, but neither seems to work. I would like to access name, file size, and last modified date.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Workflow screenshot:

"gdrive_results" structure:

"item" structure: