Loop through for each take value then break then loop to get the second value

this is not helping us much as we dont know what you have implemented. Provided XAML was validating sucessfully.

we did ask for in case fuirther help is needed. Thanks for support

“InputArguments”: “{“material”:[{“sku”:“8345”},{“sku”:“6792”},{“sku”:“6370”}],“quantity”:[{“qty”:“1”},{“qty”:“2”},{“qty”:“3”}]}”
that is

@ppr any idea for the error please

prototyping your json excerpt was working:

find starter help here:
MergeJArraysToDT.xaml (13.9 KB)

data.json (157 Bytes)

but i dont have json file to read my data come as argument in the api call to start job !?

Invalid format for argument ‘material’: The value “8345” is not of type “Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject” and cannot be used in this generic collection.
Parameter name: value

i got this error

sure, but also we dont have the API call at our end. A json mocked up a read text file with same content allows to setup the prototype, Right? So if you provided us the right JSON it should work as the prototype did it the Job sucessfully.

we would suggest following:

  • prototype it with the provided demo xaml
  • integrate it later in your implementation