Loop through Data Row


I have an Excel Sheet where I read the range from H1 - EA1. After that I want to loop throug the Data row to get the yellow cells (get cell color).
The Bot should write a range from another table into the yellow cell. How can I identify the yellow cell to write in? The yellow cells are not always the same and changes.

How do I loop through each cell item in the data row H1, I1, J1… - EA1 and identify the yellow ones?
Or Maybe is there a smarter way to identify specific dynamic cells in Excel?

Thanks a lot.


use get cell color activity.
Check if there ur given color is present. U can write your data with write cell.


Thats not my Problem. My issue is how to loop through the data row items of range H1 - EA1 and identify the yellow color with the cell color acticity. The cells with yellow are dynamic.
If I use for each row in datatable the loop goes only one time because there is only one row H1-EA1 but I Need to loop through the items H1, I1, J1…EA1. How can I do this?

Is it a fix that it w have only one row in excel or multiple rows?

You dont require to look
Consider H column as 0 index
Simply use if

GET CELL COLOR - “H”+(DT.rows.item(0)(0).toString)+1) in variable as cell color

Check with if cognition cell color equals with ur matching color. Simply can applying rest both column