Loop through and open files in specified folder

I want to open a pre-defined folder location and to iterate through all xml files within the folder. Double click them to open them in excel so that I can make changes and then save the files as csv file with same file name.

Anyone kknow how to do this. The community UiPAth I have does not have a readXML activity.

and where would the robot exactly take place? you should save all filenames in an array. Use assign and write Array = Directory.GetFiles(Path).
See more in here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.io.directory.getfiles(v=vs.110).aspx


What about “For Each File in Folder” found in Studio in Library / Snippets / Loops?
You could update it to get only .xml files by adding file mask: Directory.GetFiles(selectFolder,"*.xml")
Instead of “Wrilte line” you could perform your own action with the file…

Thanks for reply. How does one open an xml file in Excel? (Get UiPath to open each file?)

Hey @Houghwartz Mate :slight_smile:

Check my Existing post where you will get the logic to use ReadXml .

The above post contains a workflow which reads and xml file and create a datatable then you can do some operations on datatable and can write back where you want.

for files reading from directory search on the forum you find a lot of posts :wink: .



Thanks for help. You invoke the ReadXml Method. This might be a stupid question but where do I find "ReadXml to use?

Where do I set the parameters?

Mate check parameters section invoke method activitily properties. There mentioned filename. If you are using for each with directory.getfiles then pass that file name string here.

Sorry was a stupid question. You really helped a lot.

This worked for me.