Loop through all excel workbook sheets and write data in to each subfolders sheet by sheet

@POOJA_MARUTI_BALIGIDE Yes We can remove special sysmbols.

@POOJA_MARUTI_BALIGIDE let me check give me some time.

@POOJA_MARUTI_BALIGIDE can you send me excel file again.

Sorry For Late Response:
It was only Black Slash missing issue in Write Range Activity.
Check in image and place back slash.

Please don’t forget to mark it as a solution. Thanks

If you want to check the file exist or not for current then before write range you will check
FullPath +CurrentMonthFileExist or not through path Exist file. then you will put if and place write range accordingly.

Can you explain Network path little bit more

File Exist Check

Yes You can write in network drive as well. Make sure you have the necessary permissions:
Ensure that you have the appropriate permissions to write to the network drive. If you are accessing the network drive from UiPath running on your local system, your account should have the necessary write access to the mapped folder.

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