Loop through all excel workbook sheets and write data in to each subfolders sheet by sheet

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Kindly helo me to complete the below workflow.
1)Execl workbook containing multiple sheets in the local system.
2)loop through each sheet data ,and write it in to the respective subfolders of mail folder.
3)sheet 1 should write data inside sunfolder 1
Sheet 2 should write data in to inside subfolder and so on based on the sheets count.

Note: Subfolders are already created in the system…no need to create new folders.

I really appreciate your time for helping.
@Yoichi, @Lahiru.Fernando : Kindly provide your inputs on this.


Use Excel File

  • For Each Sheet

What does “its not working” mean? Are you getting errors? Files written in wrong places? You have to give detail, and show your existing code and source data, if you want anyone to be able to help you.

1.read range activity to get each sheet data and store in data table.
2) the data table is showing empty .
3) the files are not being writen respective sunfolders

Typing out your major steps isn’t the detail we need. Take screenshots of your code, including the properties of the activities. Post them here.

did you try like this

@POOJA_MARUTI_BALIGIDE zip the project folder and share here so we can open without any issue

Please zip the project and send here. By single file not possible

@POOJA_MARUTI_BALIGIDE do you have folder list ?

@POOJA_MARUTI_BALIGIDE is there any info present in sheet to select specific folder for each folder

@POOJA_MARUTI_BALIGIDE I mean how bot will identify that sheet1 should go in “xyz” Folder


Based on the vendore names,
The vendor names are present column1 inside the sheet.

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Please let me know if any more info required.

Many thanks again

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ExcelSheet1.zip (3.9 KB)
Change folder path Accordingly


Is it for me or postwick?


@raja.arslankhan .

I will check the solution and update you soon.

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Use For each file in folder activity it works to store each subfolder

@POOJA_MARUTI_BALIGIDE yes it is due to path issue. It is not writing data inside the path.
Second thing your one vendor contains symbols which are not allowed in name