Loop sheet name?

I have file excel as below.


Now I want read data by column E for write in data in sheet value in column.
But now I want to edit format to Column Sheet (Column F)
Ex. Row1 ----> Sheet Bag
Row2 -------> Sheet Bag & Sheet Watch.

My flow as below.

Please guide me about it.

Do you want to merge the values?

@Thanu_Matheesha1 Separate value in column F for loop write sheet name

Example Row1 —> Sheet Bag -----> In activity write range (Sheet Name = Bag)
But Row2 ----> Sheet Bag,Watch ----> In activity write range (Round1 write in Sheet Name = Bag , Round2 write in Sheet Name = Watch)

Basically, it totally depends on how you are going to use the DT. The idea goes like this when you are going through the DT as per row you are also reading the Sheet’s DataTable. You can do it by separating the sheet names into an array and then reading the data table individually with For Each Activity. This For Each activity will iterate through the array and read each of the sheets.

I have created a sample workflow that will be able to read all the sheets separated by a comma. You can go through it and let me know for further queries.

LoopSheetName.xaml (15.9 KB)


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