Loop process choosing different rows each loop


I have created a loop process however i am wanting the bot to click on a different candidate row each loop. The bot should pick up the next row and click it to open the candidate profile. (please see below)

At present this is the loop i have created. (please see below)


any help would be very appreciated.

Hi @nick.v

  1. Use Data scraping and extract Firstname etc.
  2. Use for each loop and loop with the extracted data table.
  3. Use click activity and create dynamic selectors to click on candidate view with first name.

Hi @gulab

Thank you for your advise, i have created the following am i on the right direction here?

am not sure if the data scrapping is in the right part, please advise


No, take a new flowchart and just follow the 3 steps in sequence I mentioned above.

HI @gulab

I have created the flowchart as you have mentioned above please see attached file loop_v2.xaml (11.2 KB)

@gulab I dont use flowchart often if at all, so i am a little confused on how to get this done.

I have applied you methodology in a sequence, the loop now works however it doesn’t click on the next candidate. The loop keeps clicking on the same first candidate.