Loop n-times based on a number on screen?

I need to change data on all rows in a page.
At bottom of page program states “you see 1 -> 100 of totally 725 incidents [>>]”
1: can i get UIP press [>>] 1 times if total is btw. 101-200, 2 times if btw. 201-300 etc.?
2: can i get UIP repeat loop n-times, n-times being no of total incidents?q4

You can use “Get Text” to get the total value then divide by 100, round up the number. Then use the for loop to click on the number of times based on the whole number.

For example, if your total is 725 then 725/100 = 7.25 then round up the number. Then with for loop you can click the number of times you want. There is not a definite way, but yeah my suggestion.

OK, I can read out the total number (725) I have a sequence which i can loop, but can I define how many times it must loop?

Since you have 100 records per page, you divide the 725 with 100 then if I am not wrong use “math.round” to round up the number to a whole number, then use the number for the loop. Use a for each loop then declare a variable and plus the variable on every loop and make it click the next button.