Loop issue

I’ve created a flow chart for provisioning access on a mainframe screen where you have to look at the work item on one application and fill in the required fields in the mainframe screen by using a lot of hot keys (specifically the tab key). when i set my start node to each individual part of my process, it works perfectly. i tested my loop today and came up with a weird issue. when i view my work item and begin to fill out the mainframe screen,the first 3 commands i use is “send hotkey” to tab 3 times. when i begin the workflow, it works great and starts with tabbing 3 times to fill in the correct field, completes the profile and closes my work item. when i start the loop over, everything up to this point functions properly but once it reads the work item and starts to provision on the mainframe screen, it will not tab 3 times to begin the process.it’s like its skipping that part. it begins to fill in the spaces with all the wrong info. No error, no selector errors or anything like that. Here is an example of the correct way. it begins tabbing from the blue circle and fills out this info.

here is what happens after the first loop. it opens the work item, reads it and begins to fill out the fields like this

as you can see, it did not tab and begin to fill out the info in the wrong fields. again no selector errors, the bot is working through it as if no issue. any suggestions? i’ve put delays in as well to see if that helps and it doesn’t.


From the windows i just observed that

VDR CLASS has some code, where there is no code in the 2 screen which is not working

For better debugging, try to test in Debug mode, so that you can trace the error or place a highlight element so that you can understand whether it is the problem of tab or some other

Also set Send Hotkey properties ContinueOnError->False

This was some sort of suggestions

Hope this helps you