Loop for compare current row & next row1, row1 & row2, row2 & row3.... last row

Hello all,

I need compare current row & next row1, row1 & row2, row2 & row3… last row as below image
And I have to do it manually so many times. How can I use loop ?

DtPhu.Rows(idx+1).Item(2).ToString=DtPhu.Rows(idx+2).Item(2).ToString And Left(DtPhu.Rows(idx+1).Item(1).ToString,6)=Left(DtPhu.Rows(idx+2).Item(1).ToString,6)

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doesnt this solve your problem? this code is in loop right? @anh.nguyen

Yes, code in loop of DLV and if DLV have a lot of row. i have to manual compare rows as image & i don’t know last row


you can check last row using if statement @anh.nguyen

DtPhu.Rows.Count = idx+1

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Last time you helped me compare row1 & row2 in case Customcode “C00392,C01085,C00600,C01017,C01069”. And compare row1 & row2

(RowPhu.Item(2).ToString=DtPhu.Rows(idx+1).Item(2).ToString) And Left(RowPhu.Item(1).ToString,6)=Left(DtPhu.Rows(idx+1).Item(1).ToString,6)

row2 & row3

DtPhu.Rows(idx+1).Item(2).ToString=DtPhu.Rows(idx+2).Item(2).ToString And Left(DtPhu.Rows(idx+1).Item(1).ToString,6)=Left(DtPhu.Rows(idx+2).Item(1).ToString,6)

Problem: i don’t know how many row to continue compare. So I want ask have other way, can use loop ?

DLV015.xaml (1.4 MB)

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ok, i will help when im free,

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A technique for row n & n+1 is to ommit in the loop the first row:



then we are using the n+1 row and compare with the row before that we get with

as the index starts with 0 we fetch always the previous row

However, while looking to your data, representing a lot if duplicates we do feel that the use case maybe target something else. So elaborate more on your initial requirement and what is to achieve.

Maybe grouping the data / duplicate checks can help to reach the goal

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Thank you, I want compare Group1-5 row1 & row2, row2 & row3… last row.
I do as you guide but the lines are always equal


check the used column index and adapt it if it is needed
kindly note: column index is 0 based. first Col = 0, second Col = 1 …

@anh.nguyen try this
DLV015.xaml (2.0 MB)

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