LOOP Creation on UiAutomation

Let me know if the logic works for you


I am implementing it

I will get back to you

The above program works fine if you want to stop after getting the "New Unique key " generated once. But if you want to move to the next item from excel to follow the same process, then you have to use “Continue” instead of “Break” activity here.

Hi @rrenu59
it will work even if we use break, the logic i implemented is different. Inisde the for each row, i had implemented , while loop with condition as True.

inside the while, first i will use type into activity to type the number in textbox and then check the popup using element exists, if the popup is of unique number identified in system, then using the if condition, it will break the while loop and move to next transaction [ next row] otherwise it will increment the number by 0.1, 0.2 etc until we get the required pop up message.
Hope you understand the logic u had implemented


The loop is working. Thank you so much for your time and help.


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Okay…if you are using two loops then its correct…@Tanzill_Ahsan said he wants to use single for loop…so we can implement this way too

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