Loop and how find next element without data scraping

Hello, i need on web page write to excel 3 first articles and 3 lasy articles. I cant use data scraping and i used get attrubute to find tittle and URL. I need help how to find first articles and go to next and how to find last and go 1 And 2 earlier. :slightly_smiling_face:

The datascraping tool is just a combination of smaller activities combined in a wizard. You point at an element and it determines the structure of that selector, finds siblings and captures those as well.

If you don’t want to use data scraping, you’ll have to do these steps manually.
Find out what the selectors have in common (id numbers, tablerow numbers etc) which might be incremental. Even using “idx=” in your selectors might help.
The UiExplorer is the most usefull for all of this.

Once you find your pattern, create a loop, dynamically build your selectors an fetch the data using get-text activities.

Note, this is all still considered data scraping, just built up manually.

I can’t give you any detailed examples since I don’t know what site you are reading, nor know the structure of the elements behind it.

Try something like this:

With the selector:

Current studio version enters couter as a variable, your input notation is idx='{{Counter}}'

This loop gives me all the article titles (or at least I assume, my Polish is rubbish).
Do a similar thing for url, body text or whatever you want to extract.

This is just a quick and dirty solution, there are options you can out in the selector to make it more robust… play wit hother filter options if you’re experiencing different behaviour of your target webpage.

thank you for your time and help, i made it different but idea of counter helps me a lot;)