Loop and delete sheet base on cell value

Hi Everyone.

I want to loop all sheet on excel file and delete if row on each sheet does not contain a string.

I have tried but not found the best solution for this

Thanks in advance!

You are not giving enough details bro.

I don’t know what exactly have you tried and what was the issue that made you stop.

to loop through sheets, use the Get Workbook Sheets activity, the output from that is a list of strings,

now use a for each activity to go through the above list

Inside that, for each, you can then add more actions to check for a value

Hi @Mr.H,

Here is an activity to delete the sheet.

Thank you

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Hi Bro.

As attached file.

I want to loop all sheet in excel file… Keep sheet if it contain 3 columns “code” “name” “quantity”… and delete another sheets.

Thanks you!
Book1.xlsx (9.2 KB)

Thanks you bro.

But has any another solution without balareva ?

Thanks you!

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Try this then:

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Thanks you bro!

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