Loop after the process with csv

I have a robot that copies new users from a csv and then creates them on a website, how can I set a loop here that after the process with several users in the csv the whole process will be repeated and the next user from the csv list on the website get created

Hi @erorowy,

Use “Read CSV” to output the users in a Datatable variable.
Then use for Each row to go for through each user, any questions let me know.


I’ll show you what it looks like

UserAnlageTest.xaml (51.7 KB)

I’m getting errors with your workflow attached, anyway,

as per my understanding, you have users in one column and you need to process another column values for each user right?

So, within one for each row to loop through all the users, use another for each row to loop through all the other rows so that it will process all the rows for all the users

Hello @erorowy

Just like the two of my friends @HareeshMR and @rmunro described above, you can use a read CSV acitivity to read the data in the CSV file to a datatable. Next use a for each row activity. Within the activity place the activities that are required for entering the data in the web application. By using this method, you will get the ability to repeat the same set of steps for each and every new record in the datatable…

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