Loop a sequence in an indefinite number of times

I have a relatively extensive automation process, part of this process needs to be repeated as many times as necessary.

This part of the process that needs to be repeated I programmed as follows:

Using the Read Cell Activity I get two conditions: Value greater than Zero or Value equal to Zero.

Using Activity IF I determine that: if the result is greater than Zero a record must be performed. Or it ends the process.

Therefore, I need this step to be repeated whenever the Read Cell Activity result is greater than Zero and if not, the step is completed.

I researched and obtained the use of the For Each Activity, however, being necessary to determine, through the Counter, the amount of time to be repeated.

How could I do this repetition at an indefinite quantity?
And end the sequence by moving to the next?


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We can use WHILE or DO WHILE loop
Let’s for DO WHILE sloop where inside the do container put all the sequence of activities including read cell activity with output variable named as str_output and others
Where in the condition mention as
Convert.ToInt32(str_output) > 0
If the output of read cell is greater than zero then the above mentioned set of activities will get executed
Else it will come out of the loop and process with next step

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Also_Pizzaria

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Yes, I used it as suggested and it all worked out !!!

Thank you my friend!!!

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