LookUp with two table with name Difference

I have some issues completing “Lookup and Filtering Data” task.

I want to get the average value of sheet2 and put it in sheet1.

The name of sheet 2 is full name and the name of sheet 1 is abbreviation.

LA Dasers Player.xlsx (11.0 KB)

Hello @111132

You can use the below steps to get this done…

  • Read sheet 1 into a separate data table using read range
  • Read sheet 2 into another data table using read range
  • Use a For Each Row activity first to loop through the sheet 1
  • Inside the for each row activity, place another For Each Row activity to loop through the other datatable that holds Sheet 2 data.
    • Why I have sheet 1 first is because, we have to check whether player of sheet 1 is available in the player column of sheet 2. We cannot do this other way because sheet 2 contains the full name and sheet 1 contains the first which will not really match. However, a disadvantage of having this types of checks is, if you have the same name for two players, there is no way to figure which one is which one.
  • Inside the second loop, place a IF activity to check the condition


  • In the true part of the condition, have an assign activity to assign the average of sheet two to sheet 1 data table

Sheet1Row("Average") = Sheet2Row("Average").ToString

Now after all that,

  • Place a write range activity to write the data of the datatable 1 that contains sheet 1 data back to the excel sheet. This will update both player and average columns with the exact data.

Hope it helps

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Thank you for your advise.
But I haven’t solve this problem according to your advise.

I upload file.
Please check and give me more advise.

“As Advisd” is as your advise.
The other two is my own jobs( using Lookup Activity)

  • My job include Open browser, /
  • This project is like this,
    I would like to know player’s batting average of the Dodgers this year who run today’s game.
    Sheet 1 is today’s player and Sheet 2 is the batting average for the Dodgers team this year.
    (The name of players are written in Korean)

Hope your advise.
Thank you again

Main.xaml (72.2 KB) .