Lookup Value Issue

Hello Forum,

Today I come with an Inquiry that I found pretty wierd, and fear that the solution or the reason of the error is a very simple one, “Which will make me look pretty bad”. Yet I prefer to uncover the issue and understand every little thing that presents to me.
To sum up, I´m using the lookup activity to find the value of a specific cell. Im using what it looks to be the exact same value but from two different sources. With one of them the lookup works and with the other it doesn´t, why is this? :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:

Please watch the video for more details.

Thank you in advanced for the attention.


Are the column types same in both the cases?

And are there any extra soaces or so…


Hi @Luis_Fernando ,

Could you use Write Line activity and check the values in the Output Panel by using those two values (from Screen Table and Excel Sheet) and check if there is a difference in the Output Panel (Double Click the value in the Output Panel once it is logged).

Sometimes a Direct Copy from the Screen or other channels would also involve copying of some hidden characters.

Could also validate by performing an Equals condition on the Immediate Panel and checking whether both the values are Equal or not.

Table Extraction is probably trimming the value. Have you used Debug to check the values in the datatable after extraction?

Couldn´t find the exact reason of the behavior

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