Lookup table scenerio

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i have scenario that. in excel i should set the color in cell , which will be dynamically. for example verified should be in green colour and not verified should in red colour by using lookup table activities

Hi, Lokup datatable activity is inside table what value you want to look in which column , this will result in what is the cell value or the row of the found value.

You cannot try to color using this activity.

Pavan H

ok thank you, I got it.

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Hey My Friend, finally I was able to accomplish what you have asked. It took a good amount of time to fix various errors and finally we can achieve what you have asked. If my hard work helps you a bit, please do close this question, marking this as solved.
Let me hope for the best:

Here is the link of the video:

@RAKESH_KUMAR_BEHERA why are you posting in every topic where users already have been answered with the correct answers. This is just spamming every thread with your videos

I am answering in open threads only, many are open