LookUp Range in Excel and get multiple match


Is it possible to retrieve multiple matches or get the next match within Excel via LoopUp Range activity. At the moment, my activity setup will retrieve the first match and work that off inside a For Each.

I tried to change the range into T4:T7070 + strRangeValue. But that obviously did not work. How can i try another LoopUp Range activity to continue the search from the last match?



I think it’s difficult to get multiple result using LookupRange activity.
So, how about reading data as DataTable then search target in it?


@sirwa You can pass the variables within the same lookup range activity. Mention the range as “T” + startingrow.Tostring : “T” + Endingrow.Tostring

Pass the related values to these variables within the for each and updated these values for every loop