Lookup range if condition

Hi, I have an excel file where I need to identify a cell’s coordinates with a keyword and get the value of the adjacent cell. But that keyword can either be ‘My number’ or ‘My #’ , How can I use lookup range here? or if not, what condition I can use to get the value in adjacent cell.

Hello Tanu,

here a possible way to solve this problem:

  • use the activity LookUp Range with following settings:
    Range: the range where ‘My number’/‘My #’ can be in (e.g. ‘A1:D20’)
    SheetName: the sheet name (e.g. ‘sheet1’)
    Value: "My " (this would get the position of ‘My number’ or ‘My #’)
    Result: the field for your result variable (e.g. ‘address_variable’)

The returned address will be the position of ‘My number’/‘My #’.
If your adjacent cell if on the right, change the first character from the
position to the following character. If it´s on the left, change it to the
previous one.


  • returned position is ‘C3’ where ‘My number’/‘My #’ stands
  • change ‘C3’ to ‘D3’ for right, ‘B3’ for left

now, you have the position of your adjacent cell.

Notice: this only works reliably if there is one cell which starts with 'My ’ in
the specified range. If thats not the case, consider converting your excel sheet into a
Datatable and searching it for possible occurences.

hope that helps

Yes I considered this, but I forgot to mention that there are other cells with ‘My’ in it. So this can’t work. But I found another keyword with which I could find the value with its referencing. So thank you :slight_smile: