LookUp Range: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800AC472

Dear All,
Im using LookUp Range to search for my transport Order ID, while search for Order ID, Uipath unable to find the Order ID in excel file(by default the result should be null) but im getting this error(i attached picture for your reference). Please help me on this!

This error usually happens when some error is throw by excel itself or if robot gets disconnected

Make sure the properties are correct for loopup Range and excel does not get disconnected at any point (maybe add soem delays?)

Hi @neonova
I did put some delays and i run in debug mood, im getting error at row number 139, is it the limitation of Uipath?. Im confused.

NOTE:i add delays 5 sec for each LookUp Range.

After I spent 8 hours on time, finally i gt it. this error due to infinite loop.Robot unable to stop the process, so robot come out with exception.

Reminder: Please check your loop condition

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