Lookup name and amount

Book1.xlsx (8.7 KB) A name can exists but with different amounts. How can i look for a name with a given amount. For example name pan with amount 40.

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You could apply a Filter like Datatable.Select("[Name]=‘Any’ AND [Amount] >= 40")

Buddy you can go with two options,

  1. you can use filter datatable activity where you can mention like this which will give us the datatable only of rows with value of 40 in the amount

  2. you can use select method like this
    out_rows = out_dt.select("[Amount] = ‘40’ ")

Thats all buddy you are done
Kindly try any of these methods and let know if you face any issues buddy
Cheers @Tapiwa

The 2nd one is it assignment

yes buddy an assign activity which would give us output of datarows array
Cheers @Tapiwa

Let me check it out. But can i get a corresponding cell for example searching with name an amount then sends the code,

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Sorry I did not get you. Could you tell more details:

Are you need like this ?

Name Amount
Laxman 50
Tapiwa 60

If Name = “Laxman” then you want amount right.i.e (50)

Yee buddy you can get from either side as weell @Tapiwa

Book1.xlsx (8.7 KB) . The excel got 2 sheets. with 4 columns. Want to search gaza whose amount is 30 which is in sheet 2 not gaza whose value is 5 in sheet 1. When i get gaza with 30 it then returns the code corresponding to gaza whose amount is 30

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No worries buddy,

When you read the Excel file read range mention the sheet name with where the value you want to get from…
Then kindly proceed with these stesp suggested…it would work for sure

Cheers @Tapiwa

hi @Palaniyappan i have tried placing an activity get all sheets to read all the sheets on the workbook and placed also the filter activity using 2 columns that is amount and name. But getting the code for that row

Buddy can i have a view on the screenshot of if condition in your work flow

Cheers @Tapiwa

Excelll.zip (18.8 KB)
buddy this is the workflow. Want to search pan with amount 40. So want to search all the sheets then retrieves code “b”

Buddy you can use lookup table activity to find the relevant code