Lookup exact row form two data table


I have two data table DT1 & DT2.
i want to lookup exact row from DT1 and if found in DT2 delete it from DT2.

please note we can’t use row index as data is Dynamic.

Could you please suggest a solution…


Is there any unique identifier that is common between both the tables?

Dug this from one of my previous replies. Your scenario is pretty much the same, except for the deletion.
This might help you get started with something.

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Thanks for your Reply,

Problem is excel is dynamically changing it contains stock information. for example Script & %Change based on LTP it will shot the data in the excel , so rows are changing .and i dont know what to lookup need to store it in a variable but its giving error.

I couldn’t understand that clearly.
If you were to do it manually, what value would you choose from DT1 - to check in DT2 and delete?
Can you also attach a sample excel file with headers and some sample data?

Thanks fixed it in excel itself

Perfect :+1:t2:

Thanks for clear explanation

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