Lookup Datatable doubts related working

Hi experts and friends!!
Trying to learn and understand better Uipath and data manipulation, I have a question:
I have a datatable named Sites, that has several columns.
Additionally, I read a second file into variable Zonal. Then, I search for one value from Sites in Zonal (in one specific column). It gives me some missing info cells.
If the datatable Zonal is reduced only to rows with the missing data the searching for works correctly.
In both cases I was using Lookup Datatable activity for searching data.
I do not know what is happening, I have just reviewed the values and variables and those are ok , but the problem with the result continuous.
Thank you.

Hi @aldo.zegarra,

Can you provide sample input sheet with expected output value…


Issue solved… I only copied the data in a new file and suddenly it worked.