Lookup Data Table

Lookup Data Table: This activity enables you to search for a provided value in a specified DataTable and returns the RowIndex at which it was found.

It’s work nice, but i must specify the column coordinates (Loockup Column) - required field.
Ok, I can use for-each and if RowIndex interrupt it, but i think there should be more elegant solution.
Or maybe I am using this entity incorrectly?
Thank you.

i take it you do not know which column the value is?

you could do an initial sweep of the columns using if dt.column(“XXX”).contains(value) which will return true if the value is contained in the column, then you can use the Lookup to get the RowIndex

(i may have the syntax wrong, could be dt.item(“XXX”).contains(value) or similar…)


Thank you, I will try it.

Searching a whole data table usually doesn’t make sense.
For example if you search for an employees id-number you don’t have to look in other columns like name or address. Because you will find the number only in the field/ column “emp_id”.

I understand. It’s just part of one test task, and I am trying to find the best solution.

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