Lookup Data from one Excel to Another

I have a Template with a column for Phone Number and Account Number. I want to look up phone Numbers from my Template to return Account numbers into my excel sheet where the Phone Numbers in my excel sheet matches the one in my Template

  1. Simply write the formula manually
  2. assign the formula to a string type variable
  3. Use excel application scope and write cell activity to write the formula to a particular cell
  4. To retrieve all the values , use auto fill range @realistic24

@HareeshMR. Many thanks its working. For phone numbers in my Template without a matching account number how do I replace it with 0000000000(10 zeros) in my Template

Quite confusing, But as I understand, if you don’t have the matching value, then you need to write 000’s there right?

Then the condition should be like,

=IF(VLookup formula, 0000000000)

@HareeshMR. Yeah, it worked thanks

Refer this post.

If you will not be sure after going thorough it. illustrate data from your excel files. I will try to write formula for you.