Looking for RPA developer for one exact (MA thesis) task in next few hours

I have the next task - create separate word files with motivation letter of some students.
there is an excel file with one column of the student ID number and another column with web Links (where is a lot of stuff including motivation letters)
The robot must enter link scrap motivation letter/letters (string) create word file with the name of ID from the same row. and save it to one folder.

And I have no Idea how to do it I tried to somehow solve this problem I could to write some other robots but have real trouble with this one.
Can anybody help me with this task? I am in real trouble because I have left a few hours until the deadline.

@singhonkar helped me and gave the next suggestion:

"1. Use Read range activity for excel reading and store it into data table dt1.

  1. Use For each row activity to iterate through dt1.
  2. Create a variable “IDName” and store the value of Row(“ID”).ToString. Create another variable “Link” and store the second column value Row(“Link”).ToString.
  3. Use “open browser” activity with passing the Link variable in it. This will open your web page.
  4. Use GetFullText activity to scrap the motivation letter and store it in another string variable strData.
  5. Use the “Append line” activity to append data from strData to this file. Also, pass the variable “IDName” in FileName property. You can also pass your path in string format before IDName variable. This will create the file automatically if the file doesn’t exist."

Can you please share the excel file? I would like to try to help you out.

Unfortunately, the file is very confidential and can’t send (just a lot of personal data of people).
Can you help me without sending it excel file it is not a big actually
column A:
Student ID

Column AS: web link from that link i need to scrap only motivation letter (data scraping does not work only screen scraping and it can scrap additional text also if it is possible to clean other somehow)

There are 92 students information (92 rows) and unfortunately, I can go to jail if I share it :frowning:

This seems a little tricky. Can you privately share at least one row from the file?

Yes I could share it without link (links contains some passports photos and other stuff) is it ok?

This was interesting. I have attached the workflow for your review. I deleted all the rows before the id and then used this excel. As I didnt have the actual link I saved the file with random data from the website.

I hope this solves your issue. meshvela.zip (19.5 KB)

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@VirajN Thanks for a solution!

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