Looking for Part time RPA ( Work from Remote Location)

Dear Team,

I am looking for parttime RPA analyst who can support us to build robots.

We are flexible in terms of work timings, do let me know in case if you are the one?


Hi Team,

Let me add more details about the job requirement, I am planning to build Pre Trained Bot for the below activities :

  1. Downloading invoices from Utility providers website on the pre-fixed billing date, create excel file ready for uploading to any generic ERP
  2. Down loading bank statements from bank websites on a daily basis and uploading to the ERP for auto reconciliation
  3. Downloading bills from email boxes and sorting them vendor-wise and saving them with a unique number which can be printed as barcode
  4. Segregating invoices downloaded as a) readable pdf b) scanned copy which needs to go through OCR
    5.Creating standard excel columns for capturing OCR data of purchase invoice for various geographies
    6.Doing duplicate document check for downloaded invoices and segregating confirmed duplicates and seemingly duplicates
    7.Converting a email query into a ticket and assigning to a human being based on prescribed rules

Scope: ______________
Custom Activity
Reusable Component
Automation Framework
Application Connector
Data Connector
RPA Documentation
Machine learning model

Do let me know if you have any questions. Thanks

Please do send your profile details along with estimated hours required to build( Approx) and Hourly rate - @ hello2worldinbox@gmail.com


Hi I am interested in this job

Is this in US or non-US ?

I have passion to work on RPA uipath which made me to get level 3 certification and participate in forum to help at my level.

Hi @get4expert, our consultancy would definitely be able to help support you with this, we actually work with utility clients at the moment so this could be of additional benefit. We specialise in helping smaller companies leverage RPA and other intelligent automation tools to augment human and robotic processing.

Please drop me and email on dillan@hackettconsulting.co.uk if you are interested, or add me on LinkedIn

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recommending @Lahiru.Fernando @mghextreme @lakshman @anil5

not sure if either of them are available for a freelance gig but these are few of the best UiPath guys that i can think of right now.


Hello, @VirajN. Thanks for the recommendation.
Sadly I can’t accept it. I’m under contract for another company and working outside the company wouldn’t be ethical. Also I’ve been more focused on developing activities than automations and extensions themselves, so I’m not sure if I would be the best for the job.
Anyway, thanks once again for the recommendation.


I am Interested

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I am interested

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I am Interested.

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Hello, we are RPA developers headquartered in Brazil. Our company, WeRPA, is used to this kind of automation and maybe we could help.

Please let me know your full demand and specifications by sending your formal requirements to contato@werpa.com.br

Our website: www.werpa.com.br

Thank you and regards,

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I’m interested.

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I’m interested, I have more than 3 year experiences in RPA. Please leave me a message by darkhero1221@gmail.com

I also searched for remote location jobs. Finally i seen one job on jobads and applied for it. Now i am doing that job.

Hi all,

I’m interested , I have 2 years of experience in .net technologies and RPA , i am looking of part time jobs in RPA i can work remotely please leave me a message
Phno : 9032222190

@get4expert hii i’m intersted to work,i completed my all levels of certification,presently not working anywhere,plz ping me if any opportunities are available. even ok with full time and contract basis also. thank you


Official UipAth Certified

Hi All
Iam looking for UI path and Blue prism remote positions
I have 3 years of experience of UI path and Blue prism and Certified in Blue prism and Ui path .
please email me srinipabba19@gmail.com

i am interested