Looking for On-site Advanced Developer Training in Toronto

Hello. I live in Toronto, Canada. I am looking for an on-site training course about UIPath RPA Developer Advanced Training. Couldn’t find any online. I appreciate if you may advise.

Heyy @Jesus_Hamdi

Have you checked the site http://academy.uipath.com/ which you will have everything clear about each and every activity?

Thanks for your reply Hareesh. Yes i’ve checked, watching the free videos now. Could find some partners offering on-site classes in US, but couldn’t see any of them providing for Toronto, unfortunately. Still looking for.

Do you think they are complex @Jesus_Hamdi? I guess they are enough to learn UiPath. Anyway, you can try learning on your own and if you have any doubts, you just need to post here so that any one of use will help you to solve that. You have lot of channels available in youtube as well which will have lots of stuff regarding uipath :slight_smile:

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