Looking for ideas on how to manage a catalog of processes that we have deployed

We have an ever increasing number of attended and unattended processes in production which all need to be actively managed. I currently maintain a spreadsheet with specific details about the processes with information such as links to documents and process maps, lifecycle certification status, browsers used, important dates, package names and versions etc. Basically it is a comprehensive set of information about processes that I can manage as an inventory.

The challenge is that the spreadsheet is a pain to manage and I would like to manage our process inventory in some sort of online format where I can potentially pull information in dynamically as well.

I would be really interested to hear how others are managing their process inventories and what creative ways people are doing it whether it is a self built solution or something off the shelf.

Hey @alfalfi

It depends actually.

You can use UiPath Automation Hub or any other platforms like JIRA or something similar.

Hope that helps.