Looking for ideas for SANITY TEST

Hi guys!
I was given a task to create an automatic test that checks if BIEE system is up and working fine. What I did was to check dashboard by dashboard if there are error symbols, then if all the links and clickable items are connecting to a different page, and if that page has content and not contain error symbols.
Well, it’s working fine but I still would like to ask you for different and maybe smarter ideas, would you do it in different way?

Thank U!

Hi @Shoosha

Idea: Download the complete webpage (single file) and calculate the checksum. You may need a few checksums that are still valid because the way the dashboard is design.

Hi GreenTea!
First of all tnx- it sounds like a good idea.
I’ll check that out. But, because of the fact that BIEE system contains dynamic pages, it can be a problem, isn’t it?
Thank U again


Is there any API available? I do not know if that could work for your case but maybe you could check if there is a function that returns possible errors.


I’ll check that out. Thank U :slightly_smiling_face: