Looking for help in validating links for a website

I am automating a website using the following test case. Open the main URL, click Department, List opens, Click HR from sublist, HR page opens, I verify the certain criteria is there on the screen and validate the correct URL shows up. Have had the correct URL show up with the wrong content copied this is why I do it this way. I have about 50 links like this. What I want to do is create an excel spreadsheet with the key points from this test case and be able to have it scroll through and do all the pages. I tried data scrapping but I want to validate on the screen and not sure how to do it. Any suggestions or is this even possible.


If you have to verify fields after opening UI, i guess you will have to open each link separately and then verify. I don’t see any activity which can tell you if link is valid or not.


Hi @vtonelli

Keep all the links in excel file and use a loop to pick each link in browser and then use data scraping .