Looking for guidance on Kofax to UiPath migration?


I saw some earlier post (from 2019) on Kofax to UiPath migration however there was no utility or approach available at that time. Just checking if someone has any experience in this or done it for their customers or is there any utility available that can help in this migration?

Any help would be really appreciated.


Hi @aditya_sharma18 ,

There will be no specific tool in UiPath where it will migrate from UiPath to Kofax/AA/BP .


Hi @aditya_sharma18 ,
We are having a lot of projects converting from some technologies like winactor, AA…etc to UiPath,
I want to ask here whether your Kofax robots have design documents? If not, then our method is based on the old source, the developer will read and understand and describe by re-flow and new development on UiPath, If you have any needs, please contact me

Thanks for response. I was more looking for an automated way. Otherwise our backup plan is this only.

Thanks @aditya_sharma18 ,

If you need partner, you can contact to me