Looking for advice

Hi Guys!

I am doing a long process, and in a specific part is behaving weird, the specific steps are … type into in a text box (doing always ok) then type into in another one, who doesn’t work as I want, is like it is doing a click in the next text box that should type into and show me another windows that I dont need.

I highlighted the text box before, using the same selector that I am using to type into to be sure that is not trying to write in another part and that works fine, just that is not typing there.

This part is in another workflow so I checked the isolated property to see if was any difference and not, same problem.

I disabled all the previous process and just run that part and its working fine …

So the problem is when I run the complete process, I managed finding that window that shouldn’t appear, close it, and trying again to type into, but also is not working that … not sure if this is the adequate way to handle this kind of situation or there are a better way …

I will appreciate comments


Hi, what you can do here is
Instead of using selector
Use send hot keys with 'tab’after the first textbox type into

And in the 2nd type into at delay between keys property give value as 300 or 500
And see
This will type the value slowly
And set the click before type property to true

thanks for your comments, I already try that but if I press tab appear another windows.

Also I tried with delay, even I put a message box before the type to do a little break and I waited to see if will change that in something and is the same weird thing … :confused:

Can you put the screenshot of the window

sorry I cannot. But the problem I guess is related to the information that uipath keep in memory or something like that … because if I comment out all the previous steps, and just run that part works fine.

Hi @carmen,

It could be application behaviour when interacting via the UI. Try these to determine the cause of issue:

  1. Slow down the “type into” by inserting “delays”. It’s like simulate human input.
  2. If unexpected popup appears. Try to pause the execution (set break points and run in debug mode). Then use “on element appear” to “click” or close the popups.
  3. Isolate just the few steps or activities to identify if the application behaves weirdly because your data.

thanks, I also tried that … I decided to divided, although I have every step in diferents workflows, I decided to separated in differents project, that way is working …