Looking for a tutorial to learn how to insert inline image using SMTP send message activity in uipath

I am Looking for a tutorial to learn how to insert inline image using SMTP send message activity in uipath

I followed this tutorial but it did not work maybe because he used the Outlook activity and not the general SMTP send message activity like I am using

Embed Images(Base64) into E-Mail Body using UiPath - YouTube

Is there any tutorial that can teach me how to insert inline images in emails without attachment ?

Hi @kaiji_San

I always use this method in all my projects when I want to send inline images in mail, is easy and works as expected.

Though one thing I noticed is in web mail or outlook application in desktop it will not show the attachment (shows only image in mail body) ,but when I see the the mail in my mobile it will show both attachment and images in mail body.

Hope this will help you


I tried this one, it did not work for me on gmail.

I think this only work when the message is sent with the outlook activity, in my case I am using my own SMTP to send the email

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Yes I have tried in outlook only, I will try something and let you know.


I have converted the image to a base64 and sent it with my smtp, image showed in outlook client but not in gmail, how can we make it work for gmail ? What did I miss ?

Sorry I am also didn’t send an inline image before in Gmail, I will try and find something.



Check below for your reference

Hope this may help you


@Srini84 Hello Madam

I tried your program you shared in this link : How to add the images in SMTP mail body - Help - UiPath Community Forum

It worked great I was able to display my image in gmail with my own smtp and the email wasn’t even flagged as spam by gmail, right into inbox ! that’s great thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Can we do the exact same thing but without attachment in the email ? A service like stripo.mail can send the email with inline images to gmail without any attachment, the email don’t go to spam and the images are displayed perfectly.

What is the way to achieve the same result in Uipath ? If stripo.mail can do it why not in uipath ?

Many thanks