Looking for a job - United States - UiPath RPA Developer

I have completed my Masters in Computer Science at Wichita State University with excellent academic record. I am officially certified as RPA Developer by UiPath. I am also certified in all the three-level training such as Foundations 2018.3, Orchestrator 2018.3 and Advanced Training by UiPath Academy. I have excelled in the programming languages like Python, C++, C#, Java, .NET etc. I have worked in many projects as an individual and team member in the areas related to Web and Image Automation, Databases and Cloud computing. I have advanced knowledge in the areas of JavaScript, Node JS, Angular JS, React and Visual Basic with my academics and online training.


@Naveen_Dan, you can find it in ‘LinkedIn’ website for jobs in US.

Go Shockers!

Hi Dan,
We are starting a new UiPath practice and are looking for all levels of talent and certifications. Please contact me.

Tom Walklett
Walklett Group