Looker Insights Certificate Update

How to upgrade Looker Certificate?

  1. Import Linux cert to windows computer store with exportable priv key <Make a note of the thumbprint of the new cert>
  2. Open PowerShell Desktop AS ADMINISTRATOR and perform the following steps,
  • Run the LookerPreInstallationTool to create a new zip with the new cert in it:
  1. Enter the hostname for the Linux VM
  2. <FQDN of Linux host>
  3. Enter the friendly name or thumbprint of the certificate:
  4. <Enter thumbprint noted above>
  5. Do you want to configure SMTP? ([Y]es/[N]o)
  6. n
  7. Do you use Windows Authentication for Insights Db? ([Y]es/[N]o)
  8. n
  • Let it save as default and then move the 2 files into the working directory (D:\SupportFiles\UIPath 22.4.x)
    • Run SCP to get the zip file to the Linux server:
  1. scp <Zip File Path> <username@LinuxFQDN>:~/
  2. <provide current Password>
  3. Run SSH to Connect to Linux and run commands:
    1. ssh <username@LinuxFQDN>
    2. <provide current Password>
    3. unzip <ZipFileName.zip>
    4. <Answering Y to replace the cert.pfx and N to the other files>
  4. sudo docker exec -it looker-container bash /app/looker-init-job/install-certificate.sh
  • Exit SSH
  1. Close PowerShell
  2. Verify the new cert by login into Looker from your desktop and verifying the SSL cert in the connection:
  3. https://<LinuxFQDN>:9999/

  • Test Insights now.