Look up table issue Excel

I have two excel files
Classeur1.xlsx (8.0 KB)
Classeur2.xlsx (8.0 KB)
i want to fill the rest of thr two columns “School” ans “Age” on the “Classeur1” excel file from the other excel file “Classeur2” based on the common colomn between the two files “ID”
i tried using lookup DataTable tool but it doesnt give the result
how could i do it?

Hi @BlueBird1

  1. Use the “Join Data Tables” activity to join the two DataTables on the common column “ID”. Select the “Classeur1” DataTable as the first input and the “Classeur2” DataTable as the second input. Select the “ID” column as the join column for both DataTables.
  2. The output of the “Join Data Tables” activity will be a new DataTable with the columns from both DataTables. Select the columns “ID”, “School”, and “Age” from the new DataTable and use the “Write Range” activity to write the data back to the “Classeur1” Excel file.


actually im supposed to copy the value from classeur2 to the column ALREADY EXISTING in classeur 1 and complete filling them that’s why i cannot use this method of Join and i thought abt using the lookup method


  1. You can use join activity and then just select the columns you need and remove all other using filter dattaable this way bew data will be added and no extra columns would come
  2. You can use lookup datatable with for each row in datatable activty…for each on dt1 and lookup on dt2…and use id to lookup

For ID try giving value in look up like both and check currentroe("ID").ToString Cint(currentrow("ID”))



Try below steps

Vlookup.xaml (13.8 KB)

Hope this helps