Look up data table & download file from website

Hi! I have a use case id like to investigate but I am unsure where to start! Any help would be great.

The aim of my project is to download a file from a website, however this website has a home page where you need to input a name to be able to access the files relating to that name.

I have a list in excel of 100 names which I wish to use uipath to look up the first name in the list copy it into the website, search and download any results, then look up the second name and repeat the steps for all 100 names on the list.

Hi @Jayden_Pearce_AU

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It is possible, for that first read the excel data using Read Range Activity in UiPath, and then use the LookUp Datatable activity to look up the values as u required. After getting the values, you can use the data to search in website