Look for a UI value that is greater than 0 in dashboard

Hi. I’m working on a use case where I need to look for a value that’s greater than 0 within a certain dashboard:

So it works like this:

  1. I scrape this certain dashboard (this dashboard is on a website, and the values that is greater than 0 are clickable)
  2. Then I need to click on the values that is greater than 0 THEN do a bunch of stuff

In this case:

  • Unaccounted - 3
  • Error - 30
  • Error - 70

So it should work as:

For each value found inside the dashboard that is greater than 0, I click on it then I do a bunch of activities.

I’m just having trouble on constructing a For Each Activity

Is this possible, if so how can I do it?

Kind Regards,

Hi @UiP_Mc

Use data scrapping wizard and use write range for your reference
Use for each row in extract datatable
Use if row(“Unaccounted”).length>0
Use click activity


Hi @AshwinS2,

Is this applicable regardless if the data is dynamic?
Because it could also be that Unaccounted could have 0 value, it could have 1, same goes for the other columns.



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I will try this and get back to you right after. Thanks!